Needing some gift ideas? Here are a few ways to package and gift Norwex for everyone on your list!

A. Two packages of Spirinnets wrapped in a Dish Cloth make a great Candy Gift!

B. The Norwex Cutting Board partnered with the Produce Wash and the Fruit and Veggie Cloth.

C. The Kitchen Cloth and Towel pair to clean and shine all your kitchen surfaces. Choose from many different colors.

D. Everyone loves the Optic Scarf! Choose from 4 different patterns including Camo for the men!

E. A pack of Body Cloths (set of 3) and Makeup Removal Cloths (set of 3) creates THREE perfect presents! Throw in a Body Scrub Mitt to sweeten the deal!

F. The Travel Pack of EnviroCloths (set of 4) and 2 packages of Micro-Cleaning Hand Pads (set of 2) creates FOUR teacher gifts!. Great for dry-erase boards, desks, and other germy classroom surfaces. 

G. Kids Stocking
Kids dusting mitt stuffed with the kids EnviroCloth and Window Cloth, plus the kids toothpaste. You can also add anything else you would like to this cute stocking!

H. This Car Wash Mitt is stuffed with the Camo Optic Scarf, Leather Shine, 3-in-1 Car Mitt, and the Car Cloth. Makes a great gift for men. This can also be stuffed with whatever you like. 

I. The EnviroCloth and Window cloth are wrapped up in a Dish Cloth. Cute twist on one of our favorite products!

J. The Bathroom Scrub Mitt is stuffed with the Peppermint Toothpaste, Silver Care Toothbrush, Body Wash, Body Scrub Mitt, and a Body Cloth. You may add anything to this that you would like.

K. The Cleaning Paste and an EnviroCloth are wrapped up in the Dish Cloth for another cute candy gift idea. The EnviroCloth can also be substituted for the Scrubby Corner Cloth.